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Layher Allround Scaffolding System - The Original

Layher Allround scaffolding has become established on the market as a synonym for modular scaffolding. With its superior technology, the Allround connector has superseded conventional scaffolding connection techniques.

The original offers an unbeatable variety of uses: at every construction site, in industry, chemical plants, power stations, shipyards and for events. As scaffolding for working, protection, facades or for support, as internal or birdcage scaffolding, or as rolling towers. Allround equipment caters flexibly for all your requirements, even with very difficult layouts and architectural styles and with heightened safety requirements.

Layher Allround Scaffolding System

Connection Ring The result of superior design: up to 8 connections can be made in the structurally ideal Allround connector on one level and at various angles. The four small punched-out openings in the rosette automatically centre the ledger at right angles - the four large openings allow the angle of alignment to be selected.
More about Layher's Ingenious 8 Connections Ring

Basic Components Layher scaffolding basic components are based on the unique connection technology which provides verified high load-bearing capacity and reduces the required material to a minimum. A few basic components form the basis for almost limitless uses. 
More about Layher's Scaffolding Basic Components

Decks (planks) Choose from decks (planks) made of hot-dip galvanized steel, aluminium or an aluminium frame with plywood board. Or choose the latest technology in deck construction with the strong yet lightweight FIPRO deck (glass-fibre reinforced plastic). 
More about Layher Scaffolding Decks (planks)

Temporary Access We can provide you with a complete range of solutions for temporary access - from a simple internal access in modualr scaffolding, to stairway towers in public areas and places of assembly, plus a vast variety of special stair solutions.
More about Layher Stairs and Temporary Access

Propping (formwork) Layher's Allround scaffolding makes an ideal propping system being both a scaffolding and a propping system it is economic and versatile. It has extremely high strength capacity values, is self supporting and is quick to install
More about Propping

Layher Scaffolding Skills Training Layher, in conjunction with Australian Skills Training, have developed a one day course "Layher Allround Experienced Scaffolders".
More about the Layher Scaffolding Skills Training course

More Possibilities...

Layher Allround scaffolding is a system without limits. Browse our industry, construction and events galleries to see more possibilities.

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Introduction (1.5 MB)

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Use in Building Work (0.4 MB)

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Technical Brochure (1.4 MB)

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Cutting Costs (1.9 MB)

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Comparison with Kwikstage (1.0 MB)

Allround Safety Video

Safety video iconLayher Safety features

Allround vs Kwikstage Video

Allround vs Kwikstage comparison Allround Scaffolding
Comparison with Kwikstage (6.4 MB)

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