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Layher Scaffolding Skills Training

AST (Australian Skills Training Pty Ltd) has developed in conjunction with Layher Pty Ltd a one day course "Layher Allround for Experienced Scaffolders". This course is aimed at Advanced Scaffolders and familiarises the participants with the safety features and efficient and correct use of Layher Allround. The participants are awarded a Certificate of Attainment in accordance with the duty of care requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Acts.

In addition AST now incorporates Layher products in their regular Advanced Scaffolding courses. AST offer courses throughout Australia, at their own training centres in Indonesia and Singapore, and elsewhere throughout Asia by arrangement. Courses are for up to 12 trainees and are competitively priced. For further information contact your local Layher representative or AST.

Thank you to Australian Skills Training for the use of this photo.
Australian Skills Training Pty Ltd website: www.astpl.com

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