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Layher goods and personnel hoists are ideal for professional construction workers. Well-engineered technology is clearly reflected in their efficiency.
» Easy assembly
» Safe operation
» Robustness
» Easy handling

Layher 200 Construction Hoist for scaffolders

Scaffold hoist for constructionThe new Layher 200 rack hoist is suitable for the vertical transport of scaffolding material and for a maximum delivery height of 35 m. The load-bearing capacity is 200 kg and the lifting speed is 25 m/min.

The ladder holder for the rack mast is quickly attached to the scaffolding using just one coupler. The holder spacings are 4 m. Swivelling the platform towards the building makes unloading at the scaffolding level both convenient and safe.

The lightweight loading platform was designed specifically for Layher scaffolding systems and so is ideal for scaffolding erectors.

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pdficon Layher 200 Construction
Hoist for scaffolders
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pdficon Geda Maxi 120/150 S
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