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Scaffolding Aluminium Beams for all scaffold types

Layher scaffolding aluminium beams are compatible with all types of scaffolding - high load bearing and light weight.

Layher scaffolding aluminium beams offer a wide range of versatile applications:
» Bridging scaffolds
» Birdcage scaffolds
» Suspended platform scaffolds
» Roofing
» Cantilevering scaffolds
» Staging and lighting

Layher scaffolding aluminium beams available in lengths up to 8m - for longer spans, beams can be joined with spigots (lattice beam connectors) secured with hinged pins, lattice girder bolts with locking pins or special bolts with nuts. Aluminium beams can also be joined with couplers.

See the Layher Info - Scaffolding Aluminium Beams for more information.

More Possibilities...

Layher Allround scaffolding is a system without limits. Browse our industry, construction and events galleries to see more possibilities.

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Bondi Bowlarama
Layher Boot Camp
Allround Scaffolding Star

Alumina Refinery Training
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Swan Brewery Birdcage
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Taupo Cycle Bridge
Temporary Pedestrian Bridge

Gimme Shelter
Minderoo Bridge
Davis Cup Seating
Grolsch Bottle Stunt Tower

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