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Layher Scaffolding Basic Components

Intelligent design based on Layher’s unique connection technology provides verified high load-bearing capacity and reduces the required material to a minimum.

A few basic components form the basis for almost limitless uses.  There are many additional parts for special solutions, such as console brackets, stairs, aluminium beams, and edge protection. Layher Allround scaffolding is available in steel or aluminium.  All steel components are manufactured in Germany from high grade steel with superior hot dipped galvanising, and so are durable and virtually maintenance free.

7 basic components

Scaffolding basic components
» Adjustable base plate
» Base collar
» Standards
» Ledger
» Diagonal brace
» Deck
» Toeboard

Adjustable base plates
Adjustable base plates (screw jacks)
Choose between different height-adjustable base plates with sturdy and self-cleaning round threads, with colour and notch markings to provide protection against overwinding. Swivelling base plates are available for sloping ground or uneven surfaces, e.g. in combustion chambers or ship hulls.

Base collar
Base collars
The base collar with rosette together with the height-adjustable base plate form the scaffolding base. The vertical standard is then placed into the base collar for further construction.

Standards are available in hot-dip galvanized steel, dia. 48.3 x 3.2 mm, or aluminium, dia. 48.3 x 4.0 mm, with rosettes at every 50 cm for a maximum of eight connections. Four small openings in the rosette determine right-angled connections, four larger openings permit connections at any angles.

Ledgers are available in different lengths, depending on the scaffolding bay length, deck type and load. Ledgers are both guardrails and bracing elements - no ledgers are required at deck level, which reduces the number of components required compared with other systems, saving weight and cost. U transverse ledgers and U bridging ledgers, with lock against lift-off (LALOs), reinforced ledgers, are also available.

Diagonal braces
Diagonal braces
The diagonal braces with wedge brace the basic system together thanks to their high connection values.

Scaffold toeboards
Toeboards are positioned between vertical standards, and are available in steel, aluminium or wood (which can be branded). The steel toe board reduces fire risk and is longer lasting. Due to Layher's design, there are no gaps between the toeboard and deck.

Scaffolding deck
Choose from decks made of hot-dip galvanized steel, aluminium, wood or an aluminium frame with plywood board. Or choose the latest technology in deck construction with the strong yet lightweight FIPRO deck (glass-fibre reinforced plastic). Layher decks provide bracing so ledgers are not required at deck level, saving cost and weight. Hatch decks are available, providing internal access via integrated drop down ladders.
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Layher Allround scaffolding is a system without limits. Browse our industry, construction and events galleries to see more possibilities.

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