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Winter Jam - Swedish Ski Ramp

Winter Jam - Swedish Ski Ramp

Extrem Events chose Layher Allround for this almost 100m long, 34m high jump at the Winter Jam attended by 20,000 spectators in the Stockholm Olympic Arena recently.

"One tricky thing was to get a flexible solution for all the different angles of the jump," said Fredrik Wik, Layher Sweden. "Layher Technical Department together with Extrem solved this by using swivelling base plates on top of standards without spigots and lattice girders. From these angled girders they then built a steel deck floor at various angles (from 20° to 39°) on which tons of snow was laid." "This is the best jump Ive seen for a city competition," said Jon Olsson, the Swedish skier recognized as one of the best in the world.

Thank you to Fredrik Wik of Layher Sweden for the use of these photos.

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