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Beefy Botham Bottles It

Beefy Botham Bottles It!

This press box structure, required for a recent One Day cricket match between New Zealand and England is designed for a live load of 8000kg.

However, "Beefy" Ian Botham, cricket commentator and former English playing great, gained notoriety in the UK press when he chose instead to do his commentary from the stands. As he put it, he "doesn't do heights"!

The boxes were craned into place and mounted on steel U-profile lattice girders. Layher public access stairs were also provided. The same structure is being used for the Test Match currently in progress at Hamilton, New Zealand.

Thank you to Mick Spratling and Phil McConchie of Camelspace for these photos.
Camelspace website: www.camelspace.com

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