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Active Platforms A Winner! Safety Award

Congratulations to Active Platforms for winning the NSW Bovis Lend Lease Incident & Injury Free Awards 2007!

Active Platforms has won the "Best Subcontractor Innovation" for using Layher's Advance Guardrail system on the Rouse Hill Town Centre Project, the civic centre for a major new housing development in west Sydney. They are now in the running for the National award.

The Advance Guardrail enables a temporary guardrail to be installed for the top working level before the scaffolder enters the platform to install the permanent guardrails. The system is lightweight and is easily operated by one person, and was judged to be the only practical way of achieving Bovis Lend Lease's "2 metre" rule for the erection of scaffolds. The use of the Advance Guardrail system is also consistent with WorkSafe/WorkCover's objective of eliminating the use of safety harnesses for the erection of most types of scaffolds.

Layher's Advance Guardrail System is the first such system to meet the stringent European standards.

Active Platforms also developed and implemented a measurement system to monitor and report on Safety and Productivity performance. Layher Australia conducted a two day workshop for Active Platforms and its scaffolding subcontractor on safe work methodology using the Advance Guardrail System.

Thanks to Brian Whelan of Active Platforms for this photo.
Active Platforms website: www.activeplatforms.com.au
Bovis Lend Lease website: www.bovislendlease.com.au

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